The Computer Wall Mount

RDP is pleased to announce its new versatile Computer Wall Mount, for Panel PCs, USFF PCs, Thin Clients and MCA devices.

The Computer Wall Mount is the ultimate height adjustable solution for wall mounting computer products in a multitude of environments.

Space saving and robust with no trailing cables, the computer wall mount can be assembled and mounted on the wall in less than 15 minutes.

Computer Wall Mount Computer Wall Mount - PC Computer Wall Mount - Twin Screen Computer Wall Mount - Mouse Wings

Ideal for use in a wide variety of settings

The Computer Wall Mount has been designed to offer ultimate flexibility when applications require that a computer system be mounted on a wall, in a robust, attractive and easy to clean solution. With the integrated work surface, the Computer Wall Mount can be considered as a space saving, height adjustable desk and is ideal for a wide range of medical, industrial and educational applications.

Any environment where computer access is required but space limitations do not allow for additional desks can benefit from the Computer Wall Mount.

  • Additional computer access points near a congested nurses work station or in patient rooms
  • A secure wall mounted 'mini desk' in busy manufacturing environments
  • Space saving and secure computer access in company reception areas, waiting rooms, and other public areas
  • A flexible and easy to clean solution for laboratories and science classrooms

Please visit the RDP Health site for a complete range of our Medical Mobile Carts, Computers and Wall Mounting solutions for the healthcare industry.